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All of Christ, for all of life, for all of Rotorua

Redwood Reformation Church is a new plant, working to build the kingdom of the Lord Jesus in Rotorua.

We meet every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., in St Chad’s Church building, on the corner of Devon and Fenton Streets, Rotorua.

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What kind of church are we?

We are heavily focused on teaching our people to know all of God’s revealed will, and helping each other to walk in all of his ways.

Here’s a slightly longer summary of our core beliefs:

And here is how these beliefs work out in our practice, both on Sunday, and throughout the week:

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Where we stand on…

If you’re looking for a church, there are probably some key doctrines you want them to be firm on. We planted Redwood self-consciously in the tradition of the Reformation because we see such great need for reform in the Western church. Here’s our position on some of the major issues you may be wondering about:

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